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""The sudden disaster was really too difficult for the babies studying abroad this time. Both life and academic planning have been disrupted. So, what is the actual situation in the epidemic for us far away from overseas? " The epidemic situation in China has improved, and the outbreak in foreign countries has caused many overseas Chinese and some international students to choose to return to their motherland. Because of the impact of the epidemic, they can hardly return to the country. It sounds terrible. So, let's take a closer look at the study abroad babies living in Dresden. dialogue During the epidemic, how is your study and life in Germany different from your usual? During this time, German universities have stopped teaching offline. Tudias opened an online course for us. I feel pressured in my studies. After all, we have to face the final exam. Fortunately, everyone lives in a building, and you can consult with each other about learning-related issues, or you can send an e-mail to the instructor. In life, because you cannot go out, all outdoor activities are basically gone. Go to the supermarket to replenish it at intervals. More time is spent studying in the dormitory or watching the drama a little, playing some games to relax. Are all fat (囧...) According to your understanding, how does the German people differ from the domestic people in regard to the epidemic situation? Because the epidemic developed first in China, we, as German international students, know more about this matter. From the domestic media and friends and family, we also know that the new crown is very dangerous. But in Germany, in the early days, local Germans seemed not to take the new crown seriously. I think they regarded the new crown as a big cold, but they didn't think it was a big deal. This was also related to the guidance of the German media. Many domestic analyses and conditions of the epidemic have not been effectively communicated to ordinary German citizens. A very straightforward example, the idea of ​​Chinese people wearing masks is to protect themselves and protect others. The Germans think that only sick people wear masks. What do you think of the anti-epidemic measures in China and Germany? I think the domestic epidemic situation is handled very well. At first, I was sometimes worried. After the state machine was put into operation, the epidemic situation was quickly suppressed. At that time, when the domestic epidemic was fierce, I still felt quite safe in Germany. Unexpectedly, it didn't take long for the epidemic in Germany to start to rise. Looking at the increase in the number of patients in Germany every day, my heart is really pounding. Later, I saw from the news that Germany's medical resources are stronger and better than other European countries, and the mentality has slowly stabilized. Later, I also learned that Germany also learned a lot of valuable domestic experience in the fight against epidemics. Last week, the entire German territory had mandatory wearing masks. When the epidemic broke out in Germany, how did you think about returning or not returning? This problem has been entangled for a long time after the outbreak in Germany. I also discussed with my family for a long time. In the end, I finally chose to trust the German medical system. I think it should not be broken down like Italy and Spain. Moreover, returning home will have to pass through a series of high-risk areas such as airports and planes. In the end, I chose to stay in Germany. After this period of time, what do you most want to say to your family? My parents are very worried about my study and life in Germany. Basically, I will report the safety and German epidemic situation data with them every day. What I want to tell them most here is, don’t worry about us like that, we are safe in Germany now. The inflection point of the German epidemic has arrived, and the school will start soon, and everything will return to normal. No matter where the students are, the great motherland will always be with you. When you return to school, you must live up to yourself and your loved ones, let alone live up to the needs and expectations of our motherland. We are waiting for you here.

Dresden University of Technology & Tudias prep students graduate

Student background ●Student Wang Chonghao was a freshman in the third year of Zhangjiakou No.1 Middle School in 2017. ●In the same year he entered Dresden University of Technology & Tudias Foundation Studies. ●After graduating from the foundation course in 2018, he enrolled in the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Munich. The editor was fortunate enough to invite Wang Chonghao to make a meaningful interview with him during his studies at the Dresden University of Technology & Tudias Foundation Program and his experience applying to the university. The following is the specific interview link: Q: Classmate Wang, first of all congratulations on your entry to the Technical University of Munich. Please talk about your experience in the foundation course in German University of Technology. Answer: Thank you. At that time, like many DSD graduates, I was very confused about the upcoming trip to Germany after the college entrance examination. After taking DSD1 in March, I didn't touch German very much until the college entrance examination. Fortunately, the project organized us to strengthen the German for a period of time during the summer. We practiced listening, speaking, reading and writing a bit, so that we can well connect to the preparatory courses after going to Germany. The preparation and submission of application materials are relatively smooth, and the project teacher assists us to handle it, saving a lot of time and effort. After arriving in Germany, a teacher picked up the airport and sent us to the Degong University student apartment. It was really convenient. At that time, we had several other students who went to the preparatory course for the joint entrance exam. We were preparing materials and submitting visas all day, and we were worried about accommodation. Talk about the experience of studying in the preparatory course this year. In addition to Chinese students, our preparatory class also has many students from South Korea, Japan, and the Middle East. Such a class environment provides us with a very good ability to exercise German. Chance, because everyone communicates with each other in German, and the language of the students who are preparing for the preparatory course is not too good, so no one can laugh at anyone, everyone learns from each other, points out the other party’s mistakes, and really feels that the language has increased the speed quickly. This year's preparatory courses are similarly compact. There are many classes in the afternoon and afternoon. Because there are not too many students in the class, we have ample opportunities to communicate and communicate with the teacher in the classroom, and the teacher can take care of every student. This year is basically spent in tension and happiness. It should be relatively well prepared. The teacher’s lessons also have a high degree of fit with the final exam, and I feel that the difficulty of the exam is relatively moderate. However, I really want to remind all of my younger students here. German is very important! German is very important! German is very important! (I say the important thing three times). I read in the T direction. In addition to computers, mathematics, physics, and chemistry have a high school foundation. It is really relatively simple. The most annoying thing is German. Many preparatory graduates' final grades are averaged by German. So remind your friends, this year, you must practice listening, speaking, reading and writing German. Not only to achieve a good result for the preparatory course completion exam, but also to make a good transition when studying undergraduate. Q: What idea did you apply for at the Technical University of Munich? Answer: After finishing the preparatory course, I feel that the exam is not bad. We have two options, one is to directly study undergraduate degree of German University of Technology with the pre-admission of German University of Technology obtained before going abroad, and the other is to choose other universities to study at will. Dresden University of Technology is really a great school. It is really strong in electronics, aerospace and automation. Many students think that Dresden is a city with high cost performance, low cost of living, and corresponding facilities. perfect. One year's life has already been feeling here. Several students who want to read electronics stay here. I was very interested in machinery and these things since I was a child. I like model airplanes, hand-made, and vehicle assembly. The Munich University of Technology is very strong in the field of mechanical manufacturing, so I chose this school after graduating from the preparatory course. Q: As the identity of the person coming here, please give some suggestions to your schoolmates. Answer: 1. Don’t waste German after the college entrance examination, otherwise it’s really foolish after coming here, and speaking German can’t even open

Ren Ren from Trier Preparatory Graduate

The place to study for the foundation course is in Beaconfield, and it was very bland when I first came here (because it can be seen everywhere). Air here It is good to say. The school is very close to the train station, many of our students go to SAARBRUEKEN or MAINZ on Friday Enjoy the flavors of European cities (eat, drink and buy), there will be supermarkets near your place of residence, go to school in the morning and walk far away from the bus, like to ride a healthy bike. In the small town next to the school, there is the Asian Super League, which is a little small but complete with items. The owner is a Thai woman who is very friendly. There is a cinema near the school. There is a Chinese restaurant next to it. It is very authentic. miss! The vegetarian in the school cafeteria every Friday is said to be related to religious beliefs, so the taste is... the meat in the supermarket is cheaper than the vegetables, and the beverage bottles can sell a lot of money. In winter, when there is a cold, there will be heating. The school will change the course slightly according to the students' grades. Most of the German is followed by physics. The least information technology is mathematics. German is of course the most difficult. Chinese students of physics and mathematics will not find it difficult. The most important thing is German. When you live longer, you will know a lot of people, teachers, aunts at school, uncles in the cafeteria, aunts in the supermarket, aunts selling meat, etc., and you can chat a few words from time to time.

Classmate Zhou: Graduate from Trier Foundation

I came to Germany from the end of September 2016 to study, and I was not very comfortable when I first came here, but the school and domestic teachers actively and enthusiastically provided us with help when we first arrived here and are unfamiliar with everything. Adapted to life here faster. The school life is very regular, and the schedule is tight. When there is a problem, you should promptly ask the teacher in class, because it is not like you can contact the teacher at any time in high school. But as long as it is a question raised in class, the teacher will patiently answer it. Compared with domestic courses, the degree of difficulty is reduced a lot, more is the need to learn the use of professional German vocabulary in each subject. Although I learned a lot of new knowledge during the preparatory period, most of them stayed in the basic part, and more in order to lay the foundation for the future university study in this year. Therefore, it is not difficult for students who have taken the college entrance examination in China to study hard and get good grades. In addition to studying, school life is also very rich, and we often organize activities to help us better integrate into foreign students. These activities will be notified to us by email. Just before the exam, the school also organized visits in the school laboratory and the main campus of Trier to provide an opportunity to learn in advance in the future. After class, my classmates and I will also go to other cities in Germany to learn about the different customs of different cities. Since the school is located close to France, it is also very convenient to choose to go to France during the holidays. From September last year to now, I have improved a lot in terms of German, subject knowledge and life. I have benefited a lot from my life in Germany this year.
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