2024 TestAS

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2024 TestAS

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  All Chinese undergraduate students planing to apply for German universities who have " Direct Admission Qualifications " to German universities, and do not have the grades for six semesters (four-year system) or eight semesters (five-year system) , can have their application materials reviewed by the audit department and take the "TestAS" exam to replace the original review interview starting from March 2009. In China, TestAS is only open to applicants who participate in the " General Domestic Applicant Audit Procedure ".

  There are currently two examination centers in China: Beijing and Shanghai .

  You can register online according to the " General Domestic Applicant Audit Procedure " on our website to apply for the TestAS. Please refer to the table below for the schedule of the next exam. In order to ensure that you can successfully take the TestAS, we hope that you can register as early as possible instead of registering on the deadline. It allows you to edit your registration information within 15 days of registration. Thereafter, you can only change your address and email information.


        Please note:

  The required materials and review fee of 2,500 yuan must be submitted to the audit department before the application deadline!

  Applicants can submit their visas through the audit department. Please pay attention to the information about applying for a German visa in time .

  Applicants who are unable to take the TestAS can be transferred to the general domestic applicant interview process, but applicants who are in the general domestic interview process are not allowed to take the TestAS.


       TestAS timetable

  Registration and application steps for the TestAS 053 on April 27, 2024 (Saturday):

  Special note : This TestAS will be held at the Beijing Examination Center and Shanghai Examination Center.


Date Application steps

From now to February 23, 2024 before 12 noon

Register on the APS official website and mail all materials.

This registration is only valid for this TestAS, not for the subsequent TestAS.

Candidates with incomplete materials are not allowed to take the examination.

Registration information cannot be changed after the registration deadline. Contact information (mailing address, phone number, recipient name) must be filled in Chinese during registration .

From February 24 to February 26, 24:00, 2024

Send a screenshot of academic administration system transcripts in semester order to

The email naming is "candidate name_registration number_TestAS".

February 23 to March 18 , 2024

The audit department will review the authenticity of candidates' admission qualifications and materials.

No consultation on review progress will be accepted during this period.

April 4, 2024

Download and print the admission ticket (Zulassung) through APS account.

On the test day, bring admission ticket to take the TestAS.

April 27, 2024


June 1, 2024 Download the TestAS scores and digital signature review certificate (DigZert) through APS account.


        Next TestAS time

   October 19, 2024 (Saturday)


        Introduction to TestAS

  The TestAS is a standardized learning ability test developed in Germany for foreign students from non-EU countries. It is held twice a year around the world. The TestAS is used to examine whether students have the necessary cognitive abilities to study in Germany. The TestAS is a two parts written test: the core test and the professional thinking ability test. The exam can be taken in German or English.

  – The core test is a written test with multiple choice questions. This part mainly tests the general cognitive abilities to successfully complete studies in Germany. The core test consists of four parts lasting approximately 110 minutes.

  – The professional thinking ability test is also a written test, which lasts about two and a half hours and is divided into two to three parts according to different modules. It tests the cognitive abilities to successfully complete the chosen major.

  Candidate needs to choose one of the following four professional modules when applying to take the TestAS:

  •  Liberal Arts, Culture and Social Sciences

  •  Engineering

  •  Mathematics, Information and Natural Sciences

  •  Economics


           Important Hint:

  • Details about TestAS:

  • Sample:

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